Banish Dry Skin : Shea and Calendula Body Butter

Our skin's main concern is to keep us healthy: it is our first line of defense as it protects is from external dangers and informs us when internal issues arise.
Normal, healthy skin is coated in a thin layer of natural lipids, or fatty substances. They keep in moisture, leaving the skin soft and supple. When the skin has too little subcutaneous fat the skin looses some of its ability to retain moisture and nutrients.
Usually, something in the environment - or something you're doing to your skin - is stripping away these fatty oils, leaving your skin unprotected. Less often, the cause is internal - a health condition, menopause or genetic predisposition is making your skin dry out.
If untreated, dry skin can sometimes lead to dermatitis - inflammation of the skin - swelling, and infection.   The good news is as the cause is often external the treatment can be external too!  

Here at By Eden, we only use ingredients in our products that will benefit not only healthy skin but also sensitive and problem skin.  Applying a the super moisturizer 'Shea and Calendula Body Butter' will help to revive dry skin and lock in that essential moisture to avoid your skin from being dry.  The oils in this body butter (eg. calendula oil, Jojoba oil and Tamanu oil) are lilophilic meaning they are 'fat loving', and pass through the lipid layer of the skin with ease, preventing water loss and plumping it with moisture.
Since we do not add any synthetic ingredients, parabens or toxins into our products your skin wont be further irritated by what your applying to your skin and be further broken down by it.

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